Sometimes we feel like we are in a “rut” so to speak. We have tried different ways to make money online. We have purchased product after product and still have almost nothing to show for what we purchased. It seems like the only ones making the money are the ones selling the products.

Years ago I heard about the gold rush where people purchased shovels and mining gear to search for and find gold. The people who were really making the money were the ones selling the shovels and mining gear. What can we learn from this? Well, the greatest lesson to learn is that we must become the ones who sell the “Shovels and mining gear”. That simply means that we must have a product of our own and sell it to the ones who need it. I am not saying that you should stop purchasing needed products, software etc. for your business. I am saying that you should develop your own product NOW and begin to market it to a hungry crowd. Here is where many of us find ourselves in a “rut”. We don’t know what to do, how to do and when to do what we need to do. We are at a standstill not knowing how to accomplish our visions, goals or dreams.

In my own life I have been there many times and it seems like there is no hope. Yes, I have made money online and offline. I’ve also lost money online and offline. The thing that is helping me now is that I needed a mentor to point me in the right direction. Even though I work full-time and have little time on my hands, I am now getting more focused and moving forward to accomplish my visions, goals, dreams and aspirations.

What is helping me thus far? The answer is getting a mentor. John Thornhill’s mentorship program is helping me get focused and leading me on the right track. If you would like to see how this can help you, John has a FREE Webinar that will go in great detail how his powerful program can help you. You are under no obligation, and like I heard years ago “It won’t hurt or cost you nothing to look.”

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