Growing up as a child, I always wanted to be a professional magician, musician and actor. My mom was a single parent raising us and we really didn’t have much money or material things. We were content with what we had because we had each other and had fun growing up in apartments “in the hood” across the street from the famous STAX Recording studio in Memphis, TN. When I was about 5-6 years old I begged my mom for a magic set I saw on TV by a man named Marshal Brodine. I received that magic set and got very good at  performing magic for the family and friends.

As time went on we moved from that area to a nicer home. It was there I began to read and learn about life. I continued to perform magic in the neighborhood and at school. I became so known that I could not leave the house without someone asking me to do a magic trick. Everyone called me The Magic Man. This talent really brought me out of my shyness and helped me in life.

In Junior High and High School I learned to play the trumpet and piano. After High School I got a scholarship to attend Memphis State University, now known as The University of Memphis. I stayed in school for 2 years and then moved to New York where I met my beautiful wife. After 3 year we moved back to Memphis, TN and here is where I began to look for ways to increase my income.

You may can relate to this. I spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars buying this program and that program which promised to help me make money. The only people that made the money was the ones promoting the programs. Many of the programs had some substance, but did not give you the full details. So I was just left with a hard drive of programs collecting dust and not making me any money. I also tried MLM programs. I did make a little money, but put out more than I made.

In the areas where I did make money was with building websites, creating videos and helping people with marketing. I knew there was something else that I needed, and that was a


I recently came in touch with a guy named Steven Alvey. He mentioned the ONE THING that all marketers did to make money online. I listened to him and he recommended a program called P2S. Now at the time Covid 19 came around and the economy was hit hard. Businesses were closing and many jobs were lost. I was placed on furlough for 6 weeks myself and not having much money. When Steven mentioned about the P2S program I didn’t really have money to spare, but he sent me a text after I contacted him and he said to “see what you can do without or what you can sell on Craigslist”. Being a little nervous about finances not being there, I decided to join the program.

P2S is now helping me get focused on my business. It is taking me by the hand and leading me where no other “guru” has. John Thornhill in my opinion is a man that wants to help you succeed online. Even when I was having some troubles he reached out and was concerned, giving me advice on what to do.

If you want to really create an online business that will make you financially free, take a look at John’s program. You will be glad you did. I heard someone say years ago that “If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

This is your time to do what you’ve never done in order to have something you’ve never had. Check out John’s P2S Here.


Success is yours

Eric Patton


P.S. If you asked me to recommend one piece of information that could help you get started and become a success this is it. Attend the training and be sure to take noted. John has helped thousands of people to succeed and you could be next.